Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 Range Buddy front sight adjustment tool

$ 16.00 USD

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For those of us who own these MILSURP rifles, we all know too well what a pain it can be to adjust the front sight. You either need a third hand or extreme luck to get it just right, if you can even manage to hold the rifle, the brass punch AND the hammer at the same time. Then you tap it, and HOPE that it did something, and if it DID move, that it didn't move too far !

With these tools, simply slide one onto the barrel, center it on the sight and using a standard hex wrench simply move the sight in whichever direction it needs to go, a little or a lot. Go too far, no problem, simply reverse the tool on the barrel and move the sight back the direction that it was before.


Manufactured from 3/4" 6061 tempered aluminum.

Prices include shipping and handling by First Class USPS with a delivery confirmation within the United States. Free First Class International shipping outside the USA.


Gunsmith model 1891/30 sight tool

$ 20.00 USD


 Prices now include free First Class shipping WORLDWIDE!


For those who might use their tool a bit more frequently than most, or are concerned over the longevity of the .450" thick threaded aluminum push block found on the standard 91/30 tool. The Gunsmith model is machined from 1" thick 6063 billet aluminum and features a mild steel threaded insert in the block, pinned in place with two high-strength steel roll pins. The push bolt also has approximately 1/8" longer travel for front sight post removal.




Mosin Nagant M44 and Chinese Type 53 Range Buddy front sight adjusting tool

$ 16.00 USD

Prices now include free First Class shipping WORLDWIDE!


This tool is designed to adjust the front sights on the 1946 and newer Mosin-Nagant M44 carbine with the larger, U-shaped sight base. It also fits the Chinese Type 53 carbine, which shared the same design. Machined from 3/4" 6061-T aluminum.

It is NOT intended to be used for front sight complete removal without the addtional extended push bolt available for purchase below. Please add both to cart if you intend to use it to remove the sight.



M38 / 1943-45 M44/ WZ48 Range Buddy front sight adjusting tool

$ 16.00 USD

 Prices now include free First Class shipping WORLDWIDE!


Front sight adjusting tool for the Mosin-Nagant M38 carbine. This tool also fits the 1943-45 M44 carbine and the WZ48 Polish .22 training rifle as well.

Based on the same proven design as the orginal 91/30 tool. We offer the same warranty on this tool as well.

Machined from 3/4" 6061 tempered aluminum.

The extended push bolt is NOT required for sight removal on these, only on the 1945 and up M44's and Chinese Type 53's.



Lee Enfield #4 sight tool SET

$ 18.00 USD

Set includes the sight adjusting tool, locking screwdriver, hex wrench and instructions.


Lee Enfield-Ishapore 2a1 sight tool

$ 16.00 USD


Machined from 6061 Tempered aluminum and fitted to actual front sight assemblies, this tool is designed to fit the Lee Enfield "SMLE" rifle as well as the Ishapore 2a1.

As always, there is no charge for shipping!


"Thumb Buddy" .22 magazine loader

$ 7 USD

Fits Ruger MKI, II and 22/45 magazines and others that measure 1"x3/8" and have the thumb button on the follower. Will NOT fit the MKIII without modification to clear the two little nubs that stick out on the magazine, we're working to adapt these to fit those as well.


Manufactured from 6061 tempered aluminum. Comes with splitring and carabiner clip in assorted colors, no choice of color available.


Free shipping in the United States, for Canada and International orders please contact me for a quote on shipping.


Shipping to resend a returned product.

No Image Available

$ 4.50 USD

If your purchase is returned to us due to errors on your part such as incorrect addresses, or if you purchase the wrong tool for your rifle model a fee of $4.50 will need to be paid for us to resend it. This covers First Class postage as well as the cost of repackaging the product.





Extended M44/T53 push bolt

No Image Available

$ 1.00 USD

Required if intending on using the tool to completely remove the front sight. The standard bolt is for minor adjustments only and will be damaged if used to attempt and remove the sight with it.


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