About Us

Our small business provides custom front sight tools for certain Milsurp rifles.

A little information about Elby Custom Services. It started, and is still located in my small shop at the end of the driveway. No big offices, no thousands of dollars of machinery, just the wife and I and occasionally a bit of assistance from one of the kids or a friend. I'm retired from both the Federal Civil Service on a disability annuity, and received a medical discharge from the Kansas National Guard after 13 years of service.

I originally started this little venture up to do powder coating on motorcycle parts, but it changed direction when I got my C&R Federal Firearms License and bought my first Mosin, a 1942 1891/30 Tula from ClassicArms. Attempting to adjust the front sight post, I knew there had to be a better way. Looking across the internet, I ran across a few mentions of someone who used to make a tool, but it seemed he no longer was.

With my mechanical background, it didn't take much to come up with one. Someone saw it and said "You ought to sell those", so I started on ebay, sold quite a few of them. Since then I've picked up a couple of larger buyers who carry my tools in their stores, and have sold and shipped these things across the world, to Italy, Germany, Brazil, France, Slovenia, Australia and the U.K., 22 countries to date.

These are not CNC produced items, each one is individually machined, then fitted to the actual firearm they are made for, or a model mocked up to fit tools that have been verified by a few good people who own those that I don't. Once fitted, they are beveled and buffed, then blasted to give the metal a satin finish. FREE shipping is included with every order inside the United States.  I used to provide free shipping around the world but  recent  increases by the Postal Service knocked that  one out!  Nothing I hate more than to see a great deal on something, add it to my cart then find out they want to charge me twice as much for shipping to make up for the "deal" they gave me on the item! Overseas shipping runs me right  at $13.00, so I added an option to purchase overseas shipping in addition to the tool price for those who REALLY REALLY want  one!

I need to thank one of the people who, without them, I just couldn't even begin to do this, and that person would be my wife Linda, the "L" in "Elby" (The other person being me, the "B"!) She encourages me to attempt things I'm not sure I can do, and coming from a machine shop background, offers me advice on ways to do things that perhaps I didn't think of.

Maybe one of these days, I might actually powder coat some motorcycle parts... but until then, I'll keep making these things so that shooters can spend more time actually shooting these fantastic old rifles. I'll be constantly working on new products along these lines, and bringing in some items that others are making, so watch these pages for new items!


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