While these tools are designed and intended for adjusting sights that are in operating condition, not forcing loose seized or overly-tight ones, most “problem” sights can be broken free by the following methods.

Apply a quality penetrating oil such as PB Blaster or Kroil to the front sight and dovetail area, following manufacturer’s directions. I do not recommend WD-40 as it seems to have lost its effectiveness over the past few years.

Heating the front sight area with a low flame from a propane torch or heat gun will melt out any cosmoline residue that might be dried in the sight dovetail and preventing it from moving. Immersing in boiling water for 10 minutes will also melt away any cosmoline residue.

Install the sight tool, making sure that the push bolt is as close to the dovetail as possible. This focuses the force exerted by the push bolt directly across the union of the sight and sight base dovetail.

Tighten the push bolt down, watching carefully for any slippage.

If the sight does not break free after exerting pressure, keep the pressure on it and tap the front of the sight near the bottom with a small punch and hammer. Do NOT tap on the sight base that is part of the barrel, as this can tighten the dovetail even more. Alternate between tapping on the sight and putting a bit more pressure on the push bolt. If the bolt starts to damage the sight, or bend, stop immediately.

Pushing from one side then the other has also proven to be effective in breaking free a stuck sight.

If none of these methods are successful, your firearm will require the services of a gunsmith in order to free up the sight.

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